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1.We will find your perfect singing teacher

We will find the perfect singing teacher for your needs and you can easily learn to sing online - private singing lessons without any waiting time.

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After the free trial lesson, discuss your needs and availability with your singing teacher and start learning to sing straight away.

3. Gain new experiences

Always book your singing lessons flexibly online. In the MeetLala Workspace you have unrestricted access to voice training exercises outside of singing lessons and you can learn to sing at home with the help of our tools for singing lessons.

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Our singing teachers at a glance


Hello! I'm Nadya. I've been involved in vocal training for 15 years and during this time, I've had the opportunity to learn from teachers of various backgrounds, including classical, old-school pop, and old-school rock. For the past two years, I have been a student at Vocal Drive – a modern and highly effective vocal school.


Hi, I'm Nando, a Choir Conductor with a degree from Tolima Conservatory. With 8 years of experience in Singing Lessons and Vocal Coaching, I developed a successful Vocal Workout Method after overcoming my own struggles with Muscular Tension Dysphonia. Whether you're a seasoned singer or a beginner, I promise a personalized workout to get your voice in shape quickly!


I'm Yegor, a vocalist with 13 years' experience and a Berklee College of Music graduate. I teach rock/pop vocals, guitar, songwriting, and music production, focusing on unique voice development. With insights from Berklee, I cover breath support, range, belting, and more. With 6 years in my music project, I bring practical performing and songwriting expertise. Let's start your musical journey!


Hi! I'm an experienced singing teacher since 2008, specializing in tessituras and applying anatomy to singing. I collaborate with speech therapists for special cases, including post-vocal cord surgery. I cater to all vocal professions, from beginners to advanced in pop, rock, musical theatre, and opera. I also offer music theory classes for all ages!


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$400 or $480 respectively

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MeetLala reviews

Many music students worldwide already trust MeetLala.

Joined this school, and it was a delightful discovery! Online vocal lessons were as effective as in-person. My instructor was a true professional who helped me unlock my voice. Highly recommend!

Emily H., 28 years old

Fantastic vocal learning experience! The flexibility of lessons was crucial for my busy schedule. My teacher was patient and supportive throughout. Extremely pleased with the results!

Andrew L., 22 years old

Been taking vocal lessons here for a few months, and the progress is astounding. Lessons are tailored to my needs, and my teacher helped me overcome challenges. Thanks for the inspiration!

Olivia M., 35 years old:

Really satisfied with vocal lessons! Professional instructors, engaging sessions, and the flexibility to practice at my own time. It genuinely helped me improve my voice!

Isaac T., 19 years old:

I've been here for vocal lessons for a month, and it has been a breakthrough for me. The school provides all the necessary practice materials, and my instructor inspired me to achieve great things. Thank you!

Sophie R., 30 years old:

This online vocal school is a game-changer! Skilled and passionate instructors, tailored lessons, and rapid progress. The supportive community and engaging materials make learning here enriching. Grateful for the positive impact on my singing journey!

Nathan B., 25:

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Frequently asked questions & answers about singing lessons online

1. How do you choose your instructors?

Our instructors are carefully selected based on their extensive experience, qualifications, and expertise in various vocal styles. We prioritize educators with a proven track record in delivering effective online lessons.

2. How do you ensure the quality of lessons?

We maintain a high standard of quality through rigorous instructor evaluations, regular feedback sessions, and continuous improvement. Our commitment is to provide engaging and effective vocal training that meets the needs of our diverse student community.

3. What if I'm not satisfied with my instructor?

We understand the importance of a good teacher-student match. If you find that your current instructor isn't the right fit, we offer a seamless transfer to another qualified instructor who better suits your learning style and goals.

4. How can I be sure I'll receive quality instruction online?

Our online platform is designed for optimal learning experiences. We utilize cutting-edge technology, including high-quality video and audio, interactive lessons, and personalized feedback, to ensure that our students receive the same level of attention and quality as in-person classes.

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