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Elevate Your Online Music Classes with Our Real-Time Digital Piano

Bring your online music lessons to life with MEET LALA's Digital Piano

Forget Zoom - use a platform built specifically for piano teachers like you ... and your awesome students

Our interactive piano roll is built right into the app so you no longer need a MIDI keyboard for lessons

Welcome to Meetlala. Improving the way the world engages with music.

Our Real-Time Digital Piano is specifically designed for music teachers and students who seek an unparalleled teaching and learning experience.

Teacher  use Virtual Piano as a credible teaching tool and students use it to excel in their passion for music. Whatever, you're here for, prepare to experience an uncharted world of creative music.

Created by music teachers for music teachers

Our founding team consists  musicians who understand the specific needs of online music teaching and we’ve built the software tool we have always wanted

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Advantages and Benefits

An immersive experience and learning through virtual piano

Play Together
Play together, no matter the distance! With our Digital Piano, you can provide real-time music lessons and play along with your students without any annoying delays. Our advanced technology ensures seamless synchronization, giving you the freedom to explore new melodies and harmonies without geographical limits.
MIDI - Keyboard
Connect and explore a world of musical possibilities. Our Digital Piano seamlessly integrates with any MIDI keyboard, allowing you to personalize your experience and unleash your creativity. Whether you prefer the feel of physical keys or want to experiment with different instrument sounds, our MIDI - Keyboard feature has you covered.
No Delay
Experience instant responsiveness with our Digital Piano. Say goodbye to frustrating delays and enjoy a smooth and natural playing experience. Our cutting-edge technology minimizes latency, ensuring that your musical expressions are faithfully captured and transmitted in real time.

Join other teachers who will never go back to Zoom lessons again (like, ever)

“I can have control of my online training”

Using this Product has given me nothing but Joy, it's so seemless, and my clients love it, I like the fact that I can have control of my online training.

Vocal Coach
CEO @ The Vocal Gym Studio
“It has made my online lessons easier”

I love Meetlala because it's especially designed for singers and singing teachers like myself. It has made my online lessons easier and more fun for me as a vocal coach and for my trainees!

Vocal Coach
“This makes our work more comfortable and effective ...”

... with a range of features including an integrated online piano that helps students improve their intonation and musical ear.

Larisa Zozulia
Vocal Coach and IATS Certification Manager
“My students are especially satisfied”

Exceeded all expectations , satisfied all requests , my students are especially satisfied .

Olga Milver
Vocal Coach
“This makes my online lessons the best”

Good sound quality, the presence of a keyboard tab, and the ability to upload my own backing tracks make my online lessons the best

Lesia Kuzhel
Vocal Coach
“The program is 10 times better than Skype and Zoom”

Very convenient exercises grouped by vocal levels, no delay, and excellent clarity in hearing all the nuances of students' work.

Katya Kirosavina
Vocal Coach
$ 0
4 lessons per month
Access all features
Online piano roll
Play together with the student in real-time
Connect a MIDI keyboard or use the laptop keys
$ 30
Access all features
Unlimited lessons
vox PRO
$ 300
Access all features
Unlimited lessons
Custom for music schools
Everything pro plan
Shared materials between your organization

Grab your FREE 30 day trial today and make your online lessons hum

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